I grew up in a wellness household, and now hold a Bachelor’s of Science in Health and Wellness and a Black Belt in Shorei-Kai Karate. I’ve interned with naturopathic doctors, and worked physicians, toxicologists, chiropractors, and numerous integrated health professionals. I love speaking to groups on simple and practical ways to enhance their lives and the lives of others, and write wellness books that are direct and accessible to all.

But why am I so passionate about sharing what I’ve learned and continue to learn?

Because life has taught me “wellness” is nothing but a catchphrase if we don’t know the simple, practical actions we can take to improve our lives.

Some years ago, I spent days beside my husband’s hospital bed, trying to get answers from doctors who came and went without giving us much information.  Two days before, my husband had suffered his second heart attack in two weeks.  A few days later, he was diagnosed with end-stage liver and lung cancer.  He was too weak, and the cancer too widespread, for treatment.  He was given three to four months to live.

He, our teenaged son, and I moved in with my parents — who welcomed us with open arms — so we could all be part of his hospice team.  There were wonderful times in those few months, but his deteriorating condition also triggered numerous emergencies in the home, runs to the hospital, and increasing requirements of care.

I wish I could give you an ending of miraculous intervention and recovery, but it was not to be.  My husband passed away, and I faced the challenge of raising our son with love, understanding, and a positive outlook for his future.  Since I’d faced some of my worst fears, it was time to choose the joys I wanted to be part of my life.

My understanding of nutrition and lifestyle choices enabled me to remain healthy in the face of life’s unavoidable and painful stress.  My experience teaching and training martial arts gave me tools to understand success, failure, and resilience in the face of major challenges.

So when I talk about wellness goals, know that I keep reality in mind.  I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed, confused, and helpless, yet also know how a few simple things can strengthen love, serenity, and determination.  I offer my experience in the hope it will give you what you need to stand tall when life tries to cut you down.

My goal is to share with you the benefits of my experience so you can embrace life in good health.


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