Seminars and Speaking

Known for her compelling style and practical solutions, Blair has helped thousands to understand their challenges, celebrate their strengths, and attain their life and wellness goals.  Blair gives your conference, corporate event, and community gatherings a unique experience combining wellness, inspiration, and purpose.

Keynote Presentations are tailored to your event, audience, and theme. Blair draws on her dozen years of teaching and training in martial arts, links it with current research on mind and body, and creates a dynamic program on success, failure, and resilience to entertain and enlighten your audience.

Wellness Seminars deliver well-researched and motivating sessions for large gatherings, conferences, and retreats.  With general topics or specific issues, in a single evening or a weekend workshop, Blair’s seminars educate, motivate, and empower lifestyle transformations.

Clients include Nature’s Sunshine Products, Mid-America Clinical Lab Managers Association, YMCA, hospice organizations, women’s conferences, and numerous community events.

Signature Seminars:

A Hungry Brain Cannot Behave integrates current research on nutritional interventions with practical implementation strategies to changes the lives of those facing behavioral challenges.  The seminar can be adapted to audiences of parents, educators, or service providers.

Living With Bears is for people dealing with unavoidable stress—people who don’t have the time or energy to learn and implement complicated “stress management” techniques.  Instead, audience members learn practical and simple nutritional interventions to strengthen the body and reduce the emotional strain of life’s challenges.

The Inspiration of Failure exposes how fear cripples our ambitions and undermines our achievements, and teaches how to embrace failure as the key to building strength and success.

For additional information, scheduling, and fees, please contact Blair Woodall directly at

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