Quality matters.

The regulations and standards governing dietary supplements permit pesticides and herbicides to be in the capsules and tablets.

The regulations and standards permit manufacturers to sell their products even after they’ve been cited because their facilities are filthy and their materials are contaminated.

The regulations and standards do not require any manufacturer to guarantee their products are made from the most effective and pure ingredients.

But to me, quality matters.

I don’t permit pesticides or herbicides in the supplements I take. I don’t take supplements from brands that can’t keep their equipment clean and don’t want raw materials cut with fillers. I want the best.

I expect the best, and want you to share that expectation.

When I teach workshops and share information on the blog, the most common question I receive is, “What supplements do you use?”

I use only Nature’s Sunshine Products.

Click through the link above, or go straight to Quality.

In the words of Lynda Hammonds, Vice President of Quality and Regulatory Affairs for Nature’s Sunshine, their suppliers say, “…if they can meet our quality standards, they can meet any company’s because Nature’s Sunshine, to them, has the highest standards.”

But don’t take my word for it.  I want you to do your own investigation, and feel personally empowered by your choice.  Check out Choose Well for ways to investigate your supplements for quality.


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