Confirmed: Majority of Supplements Are Contaminated

Yet more research has recently come out underscoring the need to investigate your supplement manufacturer rather than make your purchase based upon marketing of a brand and product placement.

“The results showed that 59% of the products contained plant species not listed on the labels. Over two thirds of the products tested had plant species present which were a substitution for the plants listed on the label and a third of products also contained other species that may be a filler or contamination.”

The methods researchers used to identify supplement ingredients are the same ones used by ethical manufactures who test their raw materials and their finished products.  As the study statistics make clear, those manufacturers are in the minority.

Researchers also pointed out–as did I in Choose Well–that low quality, contaminated supplements result in a lack of wellness results, and lead consumers to believe herbal supplements “don’t work.”  Global research and practice confirms the efficacy of many plant-based medicines.  Don’t let unethical and incompetent manufacturers jeopardize your wellness!

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