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Writer, educator, speaker, whiskey pro, and proud single parent. Actively wondering every day.

If You Know Kids, Work With Kids, Have Kids…

I teach seminars on a variety of topics—wellness, nutrition, failure, resilience, and so forth.  I also teach martial arts to children and adults.  I even teach other people how to be better teachers, and believe those of us who know beneficial … Continue reading

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Learn the Facts, Leave the Fear

It’s time for yet another physician and pharmacist to tell the public to “steer clear” of all dietary supplements. The authors state truly—as I have—that most supplements are made in substandard facilities, contain contaminants, and might not even contain the ingredients … Continue reading

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The New “About”

I didn’t stumble onto the notion of making wellness practical and sustainable by chance.  Here is where I give you a little background on what drives me to do what I do, the way that I do it. Too often, … Continue reading

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My Commentary Is Superfluous

I was going to invest quite a bit of time examining and dissecting those shiny new statin prescription guidelines. But that’s already been done, and wonderfully so, but Dr. Nancy Cook and Dr. Paul M. Ridker of Harvard Medical School … Continue reading

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Winter Wellness

Sunshine makes you stronger. That’s the opposite message we’ve been given for years—years spent avoiding the sun whenever possible, covering every bit of exposed skin, and slathering ourselves with sunblock.  But an ever-growing body of evidence proves that what sunshine … Continue reading

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Don’t Wait Until the New Is Old

I can always tell when food and drug companies send out press releases, and when a corporate-sponsored conference has just wrapped up.  Suddenly, the news on all channels is featuring the latest nutrition “innovation” or attempting to downplay risks associated … Continue reading

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Confirmed: Majority of Supplements Are Contaminated

Yet more research has recently come out underscoring the need to investigate your supplement manufacturer rather than make your purchase based upon marketing of a brand and product placement. “The results showed that 59% of the products contained plant species not listed … Continue reading

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Could It Be B?

Poor short term memory.  Apathy and irritability.  Weakness and trouble sleeping.  Restlessness and fatigue.  Depression. All of the above are symptoms commonly treated with prescription drugs—usually antidepressants, sleep aids, or a combination of them—and those prescriptions all carry well-known side … Continue reading

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Choose Well Available in Print

Choose Well: Your Guide to Finding Quality Supplements is now available in print! If you count on supplements to support your wellness goals, you absolutely must know how to evaluate the brand you use.  Don’t count on recommendations, advertising, or … Continue reading

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Tastes Like… Chicken?

To sum up this article from NPR: chicken will be processed in China without any oversight, or in the U.S. without oversight, and the government agency that ought to be providing oversight touts this an improvement in food safety. I’m … Continue reading

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