Choose Well – In Production!

The final editing and fact-checking process for Choose Well: Your Guide To Finding Quality Supplements has begun!  I am so excited to be one step closer to placing this guide in your hands.

Becoming your own “Quality Assurance Department” is necessary if you’re going to use dietary supplements.  The FDA has authority to regulate the industry, but lacks the resources to perform basic and consistent inspections.  Even so, the FDA recently disclosed to Natural Products Insider that 70% of the supplement manufacturers inspected in 2010 and 2011 were citied for violating basic Good Manufacturing Practices such as equipment sanitation and materials testing.

Additionally, reports 40% of multivitamins, 30% of vitamin B supplements, and a whopping 63% of milk thistle supplements they tested failed to pass the basic “label matches ingredients” test!

Quality matters.

When I teach a wellness workshop or seminar, participants ask me to explain how they can know which brands of supplements they can trust.  I know which brands I trust (and you’ll find that link on the right sidebar), but I’d much rather people learn to make their own assessments rather than depend upon someone else.  That’s why Choose Well came into being.

The ebook will be released on Thursday, August 29.  The print version will follow by mid-September.

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